Sunday, May 31, 2009

Transformers ROTF Toy Launch

@ Toy'R'Us Mid Valley Branch

So early!

Finally, I can update! And oh, if you ever wonder what's ROTF mean, it mean Revenge of the Fallen, shortform for the movie.

I guess this is my 1st time ever to a toy launch, if I recall. I was worry I couldn't wake up and only slept around an hour. Roughly reached Mid Valley on 8am. When I arrived in front of TRU (Toy'R'Us), there weren't many people yet. But after 30mins, the TRU front door were flocked of people. Well, I did not take any photos of that because I did not want to miss my chance to get my wanted list Transformers.

1st time seeing Mid Valley empty.

Fans, scalpers and parents were waiting the door to be opened.

Let the hauling began!

Happy Leader Prime owner.

My haul.

Overall, I did not really get what I want. It's just the matter of speed that I'm lacked of. Haha. Oh well, got to wait for the next restock. Instead of getting my initial plan, which is Sideswipe, I end up getting one of the twin, Skid. Not a bad model overall. That all for now. Signing out now. Thanks for reading and see you!

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