Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Host Play is Moving!

Goodbye Blogspot.

Due to uncertainty of my haywire theme, I decided that it's time for me to move to a new blog and leave this behind. Thank you all reader and see you and my new blog via wordpress.

Visit the link below.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Human Alliance Bumblebee

Best affordable looking Movie Bumblebee!


HABB in short for Human Alliance Bumblebee. Seen many people been asking whether to get HA BB or Cannon BB. I don't really have a Cannon BB with me but I have the normal type.

Here's some photos I have taken. I made some comparison.

Front View

Back View

Side View

Robot Mode Comparison

Left Side View

Right Side View

Back View

Mask Off

Mask On.

Interior Design

Sam with Bumblebee

Ugly figure, I mean Sam.

Sam in Camaro

HABB comparison with other ROTF classes.

Obviously, the detail on HA BB is definitely way better than the deluxe class of BB. But when it comes to sizes, the deluxe class of BB are accurate while the HA BB is not accurate at all. Nonetheless, if you want to gather you ROTF figures in group, HA BB is not what you are looking for (unless you don't mind inaccurate sizes). If you just want to have an awesome BB, HA BB is your answer.

Hope this helps to all of you~!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Room Setup

June 09 Version.

Once again, it changed.

Been a while I've blog again. Well, nothing much but with Transformers fever lately. So here's my current setup in my current housing. Hmm... wonder where should I put my next Transformers. (@_@)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Transformers ROTF Toy Launch

@ Toy'R'Us Mid Valley Branch

So early!

Finally, I can update! And oh, if you ever wonder what's ROTF mean, it mean Revenge of the Fallen, shortform for the movie.

I guess this is my 1st time ever to a toy launch, if I recall. I was worry I couldn't wake up and only slept around an hour. Roughly reached Mid Valley on 8am. When I arrived in front of TRU (Toy'R'Us), there weren't many people yet. But after 30mins, the TRU front door were flocked of people. Well, I did not take any photos of that because I did not want to miss my chance to get my wanted list Transformers.

1st time seeing Mid Valley empty.

Fans, scalpers and parents were waiting the door to be opened.

Let the hauling began!

Happy Leader Prime owner.

My haul.

Overall, I did not really get what I want. It's just the matter of speed that I'm lacked of. Haha. Oh well, got to wait for the next restock. Instead of getting my initial plan, which is Sideswipe, I end up getting one of the twin, Skid. Not a bad model overall. That all for now. Signing out now. Thanks for reading and see you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pokemon Gold & Silver Remake Confirm!

Finally! It's about time.

Info taken from Kotaku:

"Adding it all together, a teaser by Japan's Pokémon Sunday TV program points to an announcement next weekend that Pokémon Gold and Silver will be remade.

The tease, offered this weekend, said simply that Pokémon Sunday would have a "world-exclusive first announcement," on May 10 during the program's Pokémon Game Arena segment.

Oh, but there's what you say, and then there's how you say it. Or, more importantly, where you say it. In this case, it was said underneath two gold and silver confetti-filled balls. (depicted). Hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMM. What could that mean?

From Bulbanews: "It is also theorized that Junichi Masuda will appear on the show to make the announcement, since he did so both last month and the month prior in regard to other game-related scoops."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CyberFusion 2009

Congrats to Malaysia Gamers! Woo!

The Main Enterance

CyberFusion is a event where they were attempting to break a Guiness World Record on the World Longest LAN Party Gaming for 38 hours straight. We, (PBN) are invited to the event to play our PS3 with us for 14 hours straight. 46 out of 50 PS3 owner joined the event. The attempt was a huge sucess and they even add another 2 hours to hit even higher! So that's make a 40 hours LAN Party Gaming. Good job guys! Im beat even after 14 hours gaming.

Overview 1

Overview 2

Overview (Which is the PS3 section)

Our PBN Leader, Ninja and thanks for the carpool!

Rockband PODEWIN!

I'm happy to say we PBN are now planning on trying to break Malaysian Book of Record of gathering 300 PS3 owners. Well, we are lack of sponsor to bring the Guiness World Record judges here. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Keep Gaming Guys!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tales of Vesperia PS3 Update!

The reason to buy TOV PS3 version.

So why should you buy or repurchase the PS3 version? Simple, basically NBG had already made a major update from the 360 version. Here are the updates:
  1. The game’s main scenario will be enhanced with the addition of full voicing throughout.
  2. New events and sub-scenarios will be added, along with many extra skits.
  3. Additional ougi will be added.
  4. Extra costumes will feature.
  5. Events connected with the movie will be added.
  6. There will also be a new character, Patty Fleur, a piratically themed loli.

Double Hi-Ougi?

Come to think of it, PS3 Tales fans are thanking the Xbox 360 beta testers for their troubles in ensuring the PS3 version offers the best possible Tales experience for them to enjoy. Just kidding! Haha. Thanks for reading and see ya!

Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~

Vesperia in Theater.


Tales of Vesperia will be having their own theater movie. As for the information given on my comments, this Vesperia is taken place before the Vesperia game where Yuri is still a knight.

p/s: Thanks, Kemper.

All this pictures are taken from A9VG电玩部落. Looks really interested eh? Looks like it's gonna be another complete Tales of animated series! Looking real forward to it. That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see ya!