Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nintendo DSi Released!


I wish that's mine.

It's out yesterday, retailed price for 18900yen, that's about USD179 after converting. It looks really nice and thin! With the camera build in, I can now take my NDSi out without bring out my DSLR all the time already! Hell yeah! All the pictures here are from! Thanks for the great coverage!

Goodness! Such long queue!

I can has Nintendo DSi?

Overall, I think Nintendo make a right move placing the NDSi sales near Christmas. Hopefully by mid 2009, we, Malaysia should be able to get a Nintendo DSi at a reasonable price. Till then, thanks for reading and see you!


Mady said...

I wish that was mine as well. Been saving up for a N DSLite but now...I need to save up for this.

SWATwolf said...

same here! saving up for ndsi.

bar paris said...

This new nintendo looks good !