Sunday, November 16, 2008



BAKUC08 is smaller than I thought. lols.

Yesterday I went to BAKUC08 and meet up with some of the Lowyat Gunplaman, whom are Asch, Exile, Henry, Temp and Vinc. Anyway this is probably my 1st time going to BAKUC and it's so much smaller than I ever thought it was. Haha, too much expectation already. Anyway, here are some of the participant's work taken.

Well, I got to carried away and bought too much Gunpla home, the bags and freebies are irrestitable. I even accidently bought a duplicate one! Which is Sanguo Gundam: Kong Min. So if anyone want, I'm letting it off for RM18 and the box is still sealed! So here is my haul:

2 PS3 games are extra haul.

Gunpla goodies bag and catelogue!

I'm staying too far away from everyone else. So, I end up carried so many stuff back to Sunway and I'm dead tired. Once, reach home, I go online for 10mins and felt asleep. Only woken up this morning and blog this stuff up. Thanks for reading and see you!


sk-殿 said...

I wonder how much all that costed. THE HORROR!!! ^^;;

SWATwolf said...

dunno wor... lol.