Friday, October 31, 2008

Splash Time @ Sunway Lagoon

Exploration Week la... Deng!

Sunway Lagoon Enterance.

Late post! Blame on my internet! lols. Anyway, this week is our school's Exploration Week, which is actually our week to catch what we missed up for the pass few weeks back but then, we still get extra class and replacement class. Two days ago was Splash Time, which is exclusive for Semester 1 student.

CD088-2! GO!

I was kind of late a little bit for the meet up. I have to walk to Sunway Lagoon like 15 minutes... being so lazy when this week is meant to be my sleeping week! Takky and me went together to Sunway Lagoon on 9.45am while Roland had already rushed there since 9am.

Searching for the answer...

When almost all of the attendees arrived, we are seperated in groups of 4 to 5 people. My group members were JK (Leader), Roland, Seetho, Takky and me. But still, in the end most of our classmates end up hunting treasure together. Our game is kind of like the "Amazing Race" rip-off.

1st Challenges.

Well, the game goes as we were given clue on 4 picture thumbnails based on a small part of an object and we were asked to search for the object for the clue and pass the challenges. The 1st one was a pain, which is tieing each of our leg (2 person) together and walk sideway, like a crab.

2nd challenges. lols.

The 2nd challenge was rather odd. Haha. Well... we saw the other team played the challenge, so we knew what's gonna happened. We were ask to sing a song until a heavy rain rained upon us. We sang Twinkle Little Star and we saw the water were still refilling... so on, Happy Birthday song and lastly, ABC. Finally, the rain fell upon us. Poor JK. Haha.

Wet Wet us.

3rd Challenges. Sap Sap Water.

We managed to find 3 out of 4 clues. The 3rd challenge was rather nothing for me cause the roller coaster ride in Sunway Lagoon is nothing compare to the one I sat in Gold Coast, Australia. Hehe. I even managed to bring in camera to snap when the roller coaster is running. After that, we gave up on the 4th clue and went to play our own! It's too tiring!


Sorry Aurelia! (Camera's Owner). lols.

Group Photo. Status: PHAILED.

Spin to the MAX. *Regreted*

Too poor to spend in Sunway Lagoon.

High School Musical wannabe!

Um... [Please insert a title here]

The group gone wild. Poor JK.

The remaining Comrades.

The remaining comrades as the rest had fallen went back. And about time when we are going back, we saw the 4th clue, which is located near the beach and covered with trees, furthermore, it's small! After taking our bath, we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet and had dinner there. Also, thanks to Seetho for sending us back! That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!

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