Saturday, September 20, 2008

Official PS3 Launch in Malaysia

I know we are slow...

But it's official launch!

Some of you guys might say, "Old news". I have to agree with that because even our neighbour, Singapore had already gotten their official PS3 launch 1 year ago and we just got our PS3 launch after PS3 goes 2 years old. I'm very proud of Sony Malaysia for bringing in PS3 and making a launch!

Gangs were thrilled to get their own PS3.

Ready to camp for the night!

Stay connected so they don't get bored.

The Launch Conference.

Some Sony Playstation loyal fan had been lining up since thursday until saturday morning, which was 12am to be the very early one to buy the Malaysia 80GB PS3. The price is RM1700 bundle with a Soul Calibur 4 game, a Soul Calibur 4 CD Holder, and the most interesting part, local Malaysia warranty which you will never need to send your PS3 outside Malaysia anymore. I'm now planning to get myself another PS3 as bring PS3 from city to city is not very convinient at all.

The 24 hours gaming marathon begun!

Battling each other to be the champion

The right guy in gray is the champion.

To celebrate the official PS3 launch for Malaysia, they came up with 24 hours gaming marathon on Soul Calibur 4 to see who won the most round among all the participant. And this event had gotten The Record of Malaysia. Way to go! Now let's go on to the what's happening during the launch party!

The Launch Starts!

Tetsuhiko Yasuda, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia delivered the opening address & fans were still waiting.

Fans lining up for their PS3.

Giving number token and number listing for the PS3 buyer.

Lao... I want girlfriend like her!

Nintendo players appeared on spot! Lol.

Sony PS3 Showroom.

Stocks! Malaysia version somemore!

Booth Chicks. That's not me. Duh!

That's all for now. Sony Playstation 3 will be for sell on any Sony outlets in Malaysia from 20th September onwards. I can't wait to get mine soon. Time to eat grass again! Thanks for reading and see you!

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