Thursday, September 18, 2008

New House @ Butterworth

Cough, cough, I think I ate a fur ball!

Living Room.

Wow! It's been almost 2 weeks I have not update my blog already. How are you guys? Some of you guys must have thought I gone MIA or too busy with my current school. But nah... I'm busy cleaning dust at my new home. I won't explain much, just giving you readers a short tour of photos on my new home.

Kitchen and you can see oven, washing and dryer machine on the window.

Dining Table (Left); Staircase (Right).

Master Bedroom.

Sister's Bedroom (Left); Guest Bedroom (Right).

My Room.

My room is not included a table yet but comes with a small cupboard on the top to put all my collectibles! Last saturday, we have a open house to celebrate our new home. We invited our both side relatives and also some friends and colleagues over to our new home for buffet! That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you!

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k said...

you have a big bed just for yourself