Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cooler Master NotelPal Infinite

CM Notebook Cooler


Last week, SK and me went down to Lowyat together to look for some electronic stuff and I end up buying this big and heavy notebook cooler. This thing cost me RM103, supposedly RM105 because I think the store stated wrong price for one box, which is the one I bought. I was happy and in the end I suffer a little bit on my way to Sunway City. Haha. But, that's not the main problem right?

The cable and the cooler pad.

I got to say this is one heavy notebook cooler as the cooler can support from 12 - 16 inch notebook, as well as 17 inch notebook too but I guess on 17 inch notebook placed on this notebook cooler, yeah, it will comes out a little but what I guess the important part is the cooling part. The notebook cooler work as a one man job, meaning it's only running by one fan. Don't look down on the one fan, it's very powerful.

Roughly how it looks like...

There you go, roughly how a 12 inch laptop will looked like when it's placed on this notebook cooler. If your laptop's heat up area is running east and west I would recommend you to get this instead of those notebook cooler's fan which running on the same row. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you.

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