Monday, September 29, 2008

Lowyat DS Gathering - September Edition

Ramadan Edition!

We are one big family!

Last Saturday, we have our DS Gathering over Corez house aka. OKK (Orang Kaya Kaya) Fortress. The most exciting part is we get to play Wii and DS at the same time! Futhermore, we are also invited for the night's dinner after Corez and his family done buka puasa.

Gateway to OKK Fortress!

After finishing my Design Workshop class at my school, I headed to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Pheonix and aschia while waiting for Aiyish to come fetch us. When I reached there, basically, Pheonix, the arcade boy is firing up the Wangan Midnight game and aschia was just standing there and watched. I played myself couples of Mario Kart and Wangan too. After that, we went to Wendy's for lunch. Around an hour later, aiyish made an appearance and off we go to OKK Fortress!

Spotted OKK Fortress!

Dazling at it...

Corez's house is actually not too far away from my currently housing, I mean by car. We were actually quite lost when trying to look for the fortress and we were actually already in front of the fortress! Aiyish, aschia and Phoenix were dazling when they saw the fortress. When we entered the fortress, Prime and Kyoyagami were there already.

The Participants

The gang.

Our moderator and his girlfriend.

The arcade wannabe boys.

So this are the participants for the gathering. I must say it's alot of people on this gathering! But wasn't manage to take a photos on aiyish in the photos as he have to leave early due to some personal matters. Some participant like Jonathan brought some accessories for the Wii, so that's why you see... the boys were having arcade fun blasting with Ghost Squad for the Wii. While the rest, as usual, we have Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS, Bomberman and lots more!

Funny Moment during the Gathering

OMG! We looked like we are praying!

Andy was so bad on Bomberman that he got negative!

Actually, there's lots lots more. But I was to go worry myself not to get kill by them when we come to meet each other on another gathering again! Well... I guess it's not a right thing to do too, unless I have their permission which is not gonna happen!

Free Dinner - Happy = Priceless

What have I done?! D:

I got to say, I have to thank Corez for inviting us to the Ramadan because I miss eating BBQ! After like I come to KL for studies, chances of getting a BBQ treatment is rare! During the dinner, we have 2 large pizzas, lamb chop with black pepper sauce, baked potatos, roasted chickens and corns! All of them are delicious! Futhermore, Kyo brought us some of his home made soya beans, definitely 100 times better than the one selling near my school.

SSBB tourney!

Later night, sihum suggested we have a Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) tourney. Total of 8 people joined the game, and the winner is sihum! During the final round, I lose 1 kill to him. I must have really rusted already or I'm that bad. Haha. Before that, we also played Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii and also some snacks for the raya, I think.
Overall, I would say this is the best gathering for Lowyat DS Gathering so far. And also, longest of all, which is 2pm till 11.15pm! At the end of the day, we are all exhausted while some still have soccer match to be catched. Aschia, Phoenix and me went on the same rapid bus and we finally called it a day. Thanks for reading and see ya!


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