Friday, September 26, 2008

Buka Puasa with friends

I'm no muslim, k? lols.

Chicken Rice Shop.

Last night, my new friends from The One Academy invited me over their Buka Puasa session. Something like after they Malay have done fasting for the day and they have this Buka Puasa like during the evening time. I'm not so sure myself on this stuff. Anyway, carry on with my 1st ever buka puasa. lol.

From Left, Ash, Nad, (Not sure), Balqiz

Things happenned like this when I overslept last morning and woke up late. So I pretically skip my Art History 1 and also skipping breakfast and lunch. So that's makes me a part of the fasting routine! *gasp* Alright, I actually cheated a bit because I drank water.

See too much HG liao la!

After I finished Drawing 1 class with Ash on 6.30pm, we walked to the Sunway Pyramid while the girls have already arrived since around 6pm. Then we talked around various stuff, anime, current japan happening, school gossip and craps. lol.

Long time no touch ID4 lo...

After that, we went to the arcade to spend our money off! We were having so much fun there, playing DDR, Bishi Bashi Champ, Mario Kart Arcade, various shooting and racing arcade games. I glad you guys enjoyed the game I introduced to you people. That's all for now. Thanks again to Balqiz and Nadillah for inviting me over to you guys' dinner. Thanks for reading and see you!


Sandy-kun said...

Wow... You're fasting,too..^^

Seems nice event you gotta there.. ^^

sk-殿 said...

what's HG? ^^;;

i was forced to fast at my dorm since the cafe there won't cook at all during fasting hours... ><

btw how's the one academy?

SWATwolf said...

sandy-kun: thanks for visiting my blog and also the comment! ^_^

sk: ok la... starting to get busy liao! XD

Eleena Winterversion said...

dud, name is eleena :D