Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Surprise For MUFY

Happy Birthday MUFY, haha!

Naughty Bday Boy.

Last Wednesday was some kind of public holidays that I'm not really aware of, but nonetheless it's one of our housemates' birthday and the organizer, arashi planned to go for a birthday surprise for Yen Lu aka. MUFY. Well... what else could it possible be happening on a simple birthday party? View the following photos with caption.

*Facepalm* Cake also cut until like that.

The 2 Roommates: Organizer (Left), Bday Boy (Right)

Trembling while open the grape juice. LOL.

After that, he became slave and serve us. Kaka...

While serving, the girls were in hunger!

Chit chat, gossip about Mei Mei.

Group Photo with the Bday Boy.

After that, we played Wii and we kinda all went wild and forgotten to take all those crazy photos. Haha, oh well... That's all for now. Been busy lately, so I'm not able to post up in time. Anyway, once again, Happy Belated Birthday, MUFY! Thanks for viewing and see you!

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