Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tales of Vesperia -Trial Version-


Okay, I know this is a little late for me to try this Trial Version but I finally played it. I couldn't how much I happy to play so because I'm a big fan of Tales Of Series! Well... I'm a little sad though because I was actually hoping for this title to be release on PS3 as I'm having some problems getting used to the Xbox360 controller scheme.

Poor kid who got stunned because she pushed him.

The trial version starts of out of nowhere, it's kind of usual. Where as they reach the place and found some weird machine laying around here and also they heard rumors of "Dragon Rider". And so many conversation, I notice the main character named Yuri is actually a wanted prisoner. Ha, no idea what's going on back then.


The trial version of Tales of Vesperia is surprisingly quite long for a 200MB plus demo. The visual graphic are pretty with cell shading, just like the Trusty Bell but I kind of love the color on the Trusty Bell more. So on, the battle system are beautiful. It's the first I play Tales Of games on High Defination. The problem I have is only they don't allow me to use D-Pad to play the game and forced to use Analog stick to play with, which end up me messing up the skills.

Some Battle Scenes

Quoted from Wikipedia:
"Tales of Vesperia
uses an improved and evolved version of Tales of the Abyss's battle system, called the "Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System" (EFR-LMBS).

Returning from Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss is the "Overlimit." Similar to Tales of the Abyss it is in the form of a visible gauge, but it comes in the form of a single bar that can be spread out among the party, or "stacked" up to four different levels to give various effects when used for a single person, such as the ability to cancel any arte at level one, and then becoming invulnerable at level four.

Tales of Vesperia also introduces a new skill system to the series. For this entry, they are found and used through equipment instead, each having a certain number of "Learning Points," or LP. Through fighting battles, you gain Learning Points, which is given to all currently unlearned skills. When enough Learning Points are acquired, that character learns the skills, and can use it without having the weapon equipped, for a certain number of Skill Points (SP). SP is gained through leveling, and if a character has a weapon with a certain skill, they are capable of using that skill without any SP cost. Through skills, characters are also capable of "Skill Changes," an arte or spell that is created when a certain skill is equipped and a certain arte is used. Though using a Skill Change enough times, the character learns that arte or spell and is capable of using it without a skill change."

The Menu.

In the end, I'm fairly entertained and please to see Namco Bandai is actually giving us the chance to play the demo. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it this coming week release of this game. Also, I hope for PS3 release too. Thanks for viewing and see you!

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