Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blackout Breakout

I can't see a thing... Again!

Out my house area.

A Blackout outbreak throughout the whole Sarawak happened last Saturday. I was planning to blog as soon as possible but my card reader broke down and it took me time to go buy a new one. I'm broke. *sob* Anyway, 1st I thought I was like last time, only my house area got affected by I go calls from friends saying the whole Sarawak gone blackout! Goodness! I have to go see for myself, for the whole city gone blackout!

Picture taken at City Area.

Blackout started around 6.30pm and the electricity regain around 8.30pm later on. But on my house, it occurred again around 10pm for about 10 minutes and electricity regained once again. Just a short update, got my beautiful yet expensive card reader. That's all. Thanks for viewing and see you.

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