Thursday, August 14, 2008

Collectible Haul for August

This could be the last one in Kuching.

More Figmas!

Well... this could be my very last haul I'm gonna do in Kuching. Obviously, I'm leaving Kuching by next Saturday already. For what? Further study in KL for at least 3 years. Cut that first! Let's talk haul! I have finally gotten my Figma Mikuru and Figma Koizumi from XL-shop! After like 2 months waiting and I bought Figma Konata when I accidentally spotted her at Momo Toy Shop. Gawd, must stop spending... I still have Figma Kyon to buy and my Figma SOS-dan is complete!

I could not resist the beautiful art box.

Just 2 days ago, I got this model kit - Demonbane from Kotobukiya. Actually, I have been eyeing on this model kit for quite sometime already but the price for a non-scale model kit is way expensive. But, they are able to offer me a cheap price. I couldn't resist and take this down! But hey, I still owe the seller money! Oh noes...
Alright, I think some of my friends demanded me to show pictures of Hentai Lulu, if you get what I meant. If not, stay tune for the next post then. Till then, thanks for viewing and see you!

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