Friday, August 1, 2008

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Rings of Fate

Gosh it's old and it has long title!

I happened to have this quite sometime ago. Just that, I forgotten to blog about it. This game so far still attract me throughout Multiplayer Mode, not Story Mode. Having 3 friends playing with you is a blast! Going through dungeon, killing boss and most important, stealing items from other players!

Main Menu

Not gonna go depth on the game play. But according to Square Enix, there are more than 300 items for you to look out for and to make it yourself. So there are lots to do and lots of replay value as well. I have a Female Selkie now at Level 82 and now training a Mala Clavat now at Level 39. Sadly, there's no WFC (Wi-Fi Connection) for online multiplayer. The WFC provided is only to trade your moggle stamps which you can obtain it thoughout the Story Mode.

Game Play

Overall, I like it. In fact, I never really like this kind of game before. Most possibility is because there are friends to play together with. That's all for my short reviews. Thanks for viewing and see you.

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