Tuesday, July 29, 2008

8 Hours Blackout

Lol... I can't see a thing!

It's all black and some light!

This afternoon around 3pm, I was chatting with JDreamer on MSN messenger and "POP". Everything is shut off and I thought it gonna be blackout for just a while and everything is going back to normal. So, I waited and eventually slept for the noon until evening. The electricity is not back yet! I called Sesco and they said the electricity will be back around 11pm! After dining together with lots of mosquito, parents and I went out to The Spring for a walk.

My saviour!

During the waiting hours, thank goodness there is DS for me to play! So the duration for this Great Blackout is about 8 hours. Thanks a lot! Thanks for viewing and see you.


Ryu said...

Lol...nice blackout, luckily gt DS for you to play...if not I think u would be b~o~r~i~n~g~!!!! hahaha...

k said...

why was there a blackout?

SWATwolf said...

ryu: haha, if no ds can go find friends ma... :P

K: no idea though, i see 3 trucks outside fixing the electricity when im on my way out to The Spring Shopping mall.