Saturday, July 26, 2008



Their hands were moving like a speed of light!

Two days ago, we were having BBQ session at Zero's house. We are actually celebrating a boy's birthday and also the hunger for a BBQ session. I myself arrived her house around 2.30pm following by Intel and Swing. We knew it's too early to go but we cant resist playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Rings of Fate on 4 players. The rest went off to play the Wii I brought.

Getting ready...

Is she happy or screaming?

We start preparing the BBQ about 6pm. Girls are taking their position to get the stuff ready. But seriously, the guys? Please make some effort for the next BBQ session. I guess about 80% of the guys were slacking off. Thanks to Intel, our fire started off successfully. And so then, they started poking the chicken wings with bamboo stick. Just so, I notice something missing, Hot Dog!

Poking Chicken, if u don't get what I meant.

After noticing the absent of Hot Dog, I went into the house and got the Hot Dog from the fridge. It was still frozen! Took us about 30 mins to cool down the Hot Dog from frozen. Let me count, that was about 80 Hot Dogs but we bought another 50 pieces because of high demands. Good grief! We really eat a lot, do we?

Sitting in front of the BBQ Pit!

As you can see, our BBQ turned out to be quite interesting. We are actually sitting in front of the BBQ pit and cook our chicken wings and Hot Dogs. Pretty much the idea came up when our host dun have enough chair and we were forced to sit on the floor with newspapers covered up. I think it was great that we get to eat and cook on spot. No need to walk here and there. The BBQ session ends around 9.30pm. But some of us stayed until 12am and called it a day off.

The Foundation Girls.

BBQ Moment.

Okay okay, some guys helped out too!

Chicken Queen & Honey Queen!

A little random posting break from all those toys and games related posting. That's all for now. One reminder again to the guys, "Help the girls, not standing, eating and slacking for the 3 hours there". Hehe... Thanks for viewing and see you.


stella said...

alison is neither happy nor screaming, she's singing XD

Prim3 said...

leng lui!!!! XD

SWATwolf said...

stella: LOL. XD

prim3: lao... everyday leng lui nia :X

Serene said...

lol BBQ is the hottest and hardest, next time dun BBQ liao.. haha.. Sweaty.. :P

SWATwolf said...

serene: but BBQ is nice :P i like!