Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wii Sports Tournament

It's me, Wii Sports!

Girl in action!

Last two days was like any other days in my life, play, eat, sleep while waiting for my school at KL to open on September. And at night time, there was a friend of mine told me that IT fusion is going to organize a Wii Sport Tournament at Green Height Mall.

The Family Gang!

The terms and condition is to spend at least RM20 at the mall and then eligible to sign up for the competition. Thanks to both of my friends, Mika and Swing to buy some food together so I don't have to spend that much. Upon signing up, I was curious and asked whether there's adults joining or not. And it's a yes, I was kind of happy to see adult getting into Wii stuff too!

The Korean Kiddo!

The tournament is seperated into 2 days. 1st day is to see who are qualify to go to the next round and thus, 2nd day would be the finalist. 1st day was an easy going for me but still I do get nervous a bit because of all the competitors, the korean kid, named Lee Jong Dong is pretty good at it. And coincidently, I met another competitor named Steven too! On the 1st day, we played Bowling, Tennis and Boxing.

Stylish eh? He's in the top 3.

So the 2nd days only end up 5 finalist, 3 adults (consider me as young adults) and 2 kids. The organizer decided to continue on with just bowling only. It's an advantage for me but I still can't keep my guard down. I see portential in those two kids. But I guess Lee was nervous and got mess up. In the end, he didn't make it to the final but Steven, who was in the top 3 kindly let him enter the top 3 finalist and he forfeitted. The final 2 games are simple, playing bowling and see who get the highest score. Lee got 3rd, the stylish kid got 2nd and well... I got 1st.

I am happy, am I?

One of my friend did not managed to take a clear shots of those 2 kids receiving the prices. And the prize are actually the main reason which I got into this contest, a iPod Nano. I wasn't so sure what size storage of iPod Nano they are going to give. Surprisingly, it's the 4gb version! I was actually just hoping for a 2gb would be happy enough already. Over? Not quite. The boss asked me whether I wanna accept a challenge that he offer me and if I win, a iPod Nano protector. Why not? Accepted.

The challenger.

I would say that even Wii Sport's bowling are very real but not as real as what we played on the real one. Apparently, the challenger have a bowling experience, he knows how to make spin shot, all those sort of thing a bowler would know. But too bad it didn't go as well as it looks like. At the end, I won the challenge and received an additional of protector for iPod Nano. Thanks, IT fusion!

Thank you very much.

Well, after that we tried a little Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii and went off to get some bites. Mika, Swing and me sat down at a store below IT fusion and basically we were gaming down there for an hour and left afterwards. During the gaming time, I found something unique and shot it down with my camera.

Rich shopper I say.

If my friends saw this, he's finish!

Prizes I won.

I wonder when will I actually opened it and use. For my iPod suffle 2nd gen, which my sister gave me as my christmas present, took me after 3 months to open it up and actually use it heavily. I just notice too, all my iPods are free. Hehe. That's all for now. I would like to personally thanks Swing for telling me this competiton, Mika for taking all the photos, IT fusion, an apple authorised reseller and Green Height Mall for making this happenned. Thanks for viewing and see you!


k said...

cool. do you have an ipod nano for the new case?

SWATwolf said...

LOL. I think the green ribbon covers it. That's the ipod nano :p