Sunday, July 20, 2008

Game Collections for July

More 2nd hand games!

Internet had been going crazy lately, nationwide. I so wonder what have gotten into Streamyx. Anyway, new games had just entered my Game Collections, which are:
  • Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)
  • Unreal Tournament (PS3), borrowed from a friend
  • Starfox Adventure (GCN)
  • Starfox Assault (GCN)
Luckily, the Unreal Tournament is only borrowed because I find it not really suitable for me. A game with futuristic game, 1 shot dead, not my kind of game. I prefer a more realistic gun for a game. Well... Starfox Adventure, one of the worst Starfox game I played, the game is somehow very similar to Zelda and it produced by Rare production. Starfox Assault is probably one of the best Starfox games I have played. No doubt about it.
Okay... That's all! I'm out. Thanks for viewing and see you soon!

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