Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My iPod Nano

Love your iPod.

Cover Flow!

Ever since I won the iPod Nano on the Wii competition, I have been using the iPod Nano flawlessly. In fact, I love it so much I use it almost all the time. With current space available in the iPod Nano, I have about 381 songs and 9 videos which total up about 3gb only! The following post are just photos of my 4GB iPod Nano 3rd Generation

Well protected iPod Nano.

Shock resistant.

Back Glossy cover 100% protected.

I have applied a skin for my iPod Nano. Basically is to protect my iPod Nano from getting scratched and getting shocked. Did you notice? There's actually a peace of soft plastic on the front for the iPod Nano, so I wont get any scratches made on the iPod Nano screen instead of the plastic. That's all for now. I have been busy on some Anime and Toys convention lately. Thanks for viewing and see you!


k said...

Glad to see you loving it ^^ if you lick it, it might change color.

sk-殿 said...

aiseh finally show off your ipod nano already heh... wanted to get one but got the sony one instead... bigger screen FTW! ^^