Sunday, August 17, 2008

Akiyame Beach Outing

A foreigner invading Akiyame, me!

Here we are, arriving Camp Permai.

Akiyame, an Anime Club from the Lim Kok Wing University invited me to go to their Beach Outing or whatever how they named it. I was just told to go to beach and have fun with them. Arrive at their university at around 8am and arrived Camp Permai about 9.30am. Swing and I are trying to get each other's DS and connect through car to car! Part of it works and part of it, we phailed.

Big Boss and his Gang.

There are total of 21 people in this outing if I'm not mistaken. 18 from Akiyame and 3 from SAMS and boy are we proud to become a invader! Haha! RM4 for the enterance fee since we are students, RM2.60 for the BBQ pit rental and finally RM10 for the food. Wait... petrol fee? Free of charge!

Arriving our hut.

A roughly 3 minutes walk to out hut from the Camp Permai center, we reached out hut, not too big and not too small. They put their stuff down and rush to the beach and I'm not so excited about it! (I hate beach) Either way, I got my zoom lens ready and take pictures from far far away! Here are photos of crazy people having fun at the beach.

What are you looking at?

Yen is OVER 9000!!!!!11

But... poor Yen got chased and bullied.

She got too sad and want to drown herself.

But instead she became some kind of pet. Lols.

I guess it's really hot and I got really tired and sick of the sun and went back to the hut with Kenan. And off we set the BBQ fire! But wait, I guess it was only him to set the fire up and I just sit back and watch! Oops! But then, some friends of his came back from the beach and help up too. Wait... I helped, to cook and eat myself! Here are the BBQ session photos. It took us quiet a while to set the fire up, twice!

Working hard to get the fire up?

No chicken wing? Wrong cause I don't eat them and it shall not appear in my photos!

They saw! Monkey's Butt! (LEFT) High School Musical Wannabe. (RIGHT)

Group Photo.

The outing ended around 4.30pm and luckily we went home during that time. Or else, rain shall fall upon us! Some went home by themselves, while I follow Gerald's car back and we have dinner before sending me home. Hey, thanks for inviting me. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you!


Yen_Yume said...

garhhhh yes i got bullied ><""" and apparently the 'dragonball pose' is the group photo is an epic fail ><"" looks...erm.. UNdragonball-ish


i can't think strait when i'm havin sugar rush :P

SWATwolf said...


group photo ka? I dont see it as a group photo at all! I thought u guys are just being crazy XD

Yen_Yume said...

LOL we are a crazy bunch ><

SWATwolf said...

crazy and hyperactive is good...

chainchain said...

I want to go one more time la!