Sunday, August 17, 2008

SAMS Toy Collectors Gathering

18SX might apply. *GASP*

Who might those be?

We have our 1st gathering just about 2 days ago. I got to say it's not really a successful one but oh well... it's the 1st. I'm sure our SAMS president will do better next time. Many did not managed to come because of some personal issue. So this post is getting a little dirty and I'm forced to learn how to put spoiler tags on my blog. Haha. So reader who aren't 18 yrs old and above, I advice you not to click the spoiler tag unless you know what you are doing!

Our attendees, and hey, 2 girls came!

The atmosphere is very nice for the restaurant we went but it's just too dark for our collectible's photography. The food is expensive but we were actually to only order drinks there but we must had misheard and order food. But the food I ordered are surprising nice but still, pricey. Also, before you keep reading, please guess who those 4 shadows are.

Cheese Pork with Rice.

My beloved Yuki and Coke.

After talking thrash about collectibles, anime and some events lately. We took our collectibles out and play but this time we are restricted to bring on figurines and make action figures like Figma. Hehe. So let the ecchi pictures begin!

What the... black nipple?!

Emo Lelouch, wait... what is he riding?

The answer for the spoiler. Yuki must be shocked.

Yuki, "My chair!!!"

*GASP* Lulu X Mikuru

We started the gathering about 7.30pm and ends at 10pm. I have really hard time taking clear photos but overall it was fun and I sure hope the people who dine there don't mind what we (Otaku) are doing. Oh no... Thanks for viewing and see you!

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