Monday, July 7, 2008

Mario Kart Arcade GP

It's Mario Kart on Arcade!


I was told by my net friends on the forum about Sunway Pyramid having a Mario Kart Arcade. I have been eagerly wanted to play this game and finally I get my hands on it! Honestly said, it's very easy to play but the item provided are sometime deadly and the items are slightly different from what we had played on the home version. Mostly it's because Namco is in part of this game too.

It's a camera!

Taking snapshot of your face before you race!

I might say the game play is kind of cute and this game may on attract girls along with guys. Mostly, they are just casual gamers. You know how Malaysian look at Nintendo. Childish game. (^_^;) As for me, I enjoy the game a lot and I even spent lots of cash on the machine!

4 Player Game are the best!

You may ask this. How do I throw weapon and how do I drift? Well... those thing can be done easily. To throw item, just press the button at the middle of the wheel. Good thing is so item will auto-aim for you. While for drifting, it took me a while to figure out... Until I called my friend and ask how to drift. This might take a little practice, to drift, tap your brake and left go and your kart will go jump and you steer your wheel to drift.

The Mario Card.

The data card is also known as Mario Card can be purchased through the machine itself. Just insert a credit and choose "No card Used" and 1st selection and insert tokens as were told on the machine you are playing and you choose your kart and your name. That way, you purchase yourself a Mario Card! At the end of the game, your card will be ejected and keep it for next game.

I like watching girls playing. Some of them are cute.

A great discovery, at least for me. This is a great arcade but too bad not many people see it that way. I assumed most people actually enjoy Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 3 (also made by Namco) as it provide more serious gaming. But personally, I like MKAGP a lot. Thanks for reading and see you!


Bogey said...

Hi, I enjoyed playing this with my daughter in the arcades. We purchased a data card and would like to know if you can change characters when you use your own data card?

Bogey said...
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Nicholas Yap said...

where is this arcade at sunway pryamid