Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cousin's Wedding

Wedding Photography is tiring.

The Bride and Bridegroom.

Like I said, I went back to Penang mainly is because to attend my cousin's wedding. Good grief! Luckily I was there to take photos. Else, no one is going to take (not included casual photographer). I was surprised they didn't hired a professional photographer. So here I am, an amateur photographer on his 1st venture taking full fledge wedding photographer.

What are you looking at?!

I'm not going to post every photos into this post. I only pick some important out and post it here. Not like I don't want to but I kind of lazy to edit so many photos. Beside, I save your bandwidth, didn't I? (^_^;) As our Malaysian Chinese wedding culture usually take 2 days. 1st day is just a normal day where they kind of have this buffet from morning till night and relative and friends will come over to eat and have fun. While the 2nd day, bridegroom will go to bride's house in the morning and "snatch" her back to bridegroom's home. After that, serving tea to the elder and giving "angpao" (A red packet with money in it) to the young ones.

Pouring wine, not sure what are the meaning is.

At night, it will be the dinner. Dishes are served and performers are dancing and singing and also cheers with everyone. I don't think I even have time to eat the dishes properly. Mostly, I'm running up and down taking photos.

Bridegroom, Bride, Ah Ying Jie.

Brother of 4 (Sound wrong...) Heavily edited?

So that's is roughly all. I hope you will roughly understanding how Malaysia Chinese celebrate their wedding in a different way and culture. Thanks for reading and see you!

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