Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging in Plane

OMG I actually blog about sitting in a plane

I am bored. I wanna do something. Not just playing my Nintendo DS but also doing something unusual that I don't do all the time. Well... most of the time I will be listening to my iPod, playing my Nintendo DS and lastly, sleeping is a good essential in a plane.

LOL. No decent computer here. Just a normal resizing photo programme and post it up here on my blog. I guess this is as far as I can post here in Butterworth. I hate Internet Explorer, so expect to see weird alignment in this post.

Do they mean Snake Attack?! D:

Nice isn't it?

Um... well, not really...

After 1 1/2 minutes...

Satisfatory? 3/5
See Orang Cacat? In direct translate, it mean Retarder. LOL.

I love my DS forever!!!

Mom reading her book.


k said...

can you use use DS wirelessly on the plane 0.0?

SWATwolf said...

i tried once and it's a yes :P