Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back To Penang

Oh wow! Another flight to attend!

Bye Bye PS3!

Great. More flight to attend. I wanna stay at home! Anyway, I will be back to Penang to attend my cousin's wedding. I won't be bringing my PS3 along. Why do you ask? I have Top 5 reasons for you here!
  1. Too many kids at my grandma's place.
  2. Occupied, too heavy!
  3. Kids will struggle to play because only 2 controllers.
  4. Boring to begin 3 games with.
  5. I love my Wii more!
That's all. Flight is going to take off in another 4 hours. Got to get ready and go to airport 2 hours early. You can say it's my family's traditional. Thanks for viewing and see you.


k said...

your ps3 is in KL? so you're all settled in sunway already? have a good flight back!

Anonymous said...

PS3, dont have much a worthy good game yet

SWATwolf said...

K: i suppose my ps3 will be sleeping in the box in kuching until i come back from sunway when im having school break. (so is my wii)

robbing rate is high in KL le... :p

SWATwolf said...

i guess ps3 does lack of game at the moment but i see sony is starting to build up slowly already. since blu ray won. i would guess it's a good investment for the few years to come.