Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back From KL

Getting Sick of Planes.

Reached KL liao...

I was away for about an week for I'm at Sunway for the last week and unable to go online. I was assigned to go The One Academy to take an English Replacement Test and registration and also to meet the landlord's house which I'm going to stay in the next few years.

Sunway City.

But those are only assigned on the last day. Nothing much haul at Sunway, more like wasting money on arcades and food. I attended a LYN DS Gathering and it was consider the 2nd least attendance of all time. LOL. After that we haven't got enough of Mario Kart and went for Mario Kart Arcade GP! I end up spent alot on the machine!

Nu..... 2nd! (;_;)

A great discovery to waste my money!

Last day in KL after dealing with all those stuff I was assigned to, went to Starbucks to have a drink and I ordered a Chocolate Cream. It was so badly blended that I can make the drink out of something like this. It's all ice in it. Meh.


Soon, I will be going to KL and no more home sweet home! I'm going enjoy my room to the fullest until I get sick of it. Will I? Anyway, I will be going down to Penang this Sunday. So, as you can see... I'm really sick of planes and such.

Home Sweet Home.

p/s: Please don't stab me from behind. I'm no otaku!

That's all for now. All those individual event and new stuff I discovered will be post in a few days. Thanks for reading and see you!

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