Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Help Firefox set a World Record!

Together we unite!

Konata obtained Firefox 3!

Firefox 3 was launched just a few hours ago! And now they are trying to set a Guinness World Record by the most downloaded software in 24 hours. It's up to you to help Firefox by download their new browser. To do so, click the cute fox or the Download Day 2008 icon! What so special about Firefox 3 if you ask? Click here to see it's awesomeness!

Download Day 2008Download Day 2008

Ain't the fox cute? Click it!

By visiting Spread Firefox, you can also entitle yourself a Adobe Reader file or a certificate to indicates you help Firefox to set a Guinness World Record. Cool isn't it? Now I have my own Guiness World Record certificate! Wicked!

Look at my cert!

Currently, the downloaded Firefox 3 had reached 5,005,809 downloads (18 June 2008, 4.01pm, Malaysia Time). Go download now! That's all about my post today. Thanks for viewing and see you!

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