Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Final Fantasy 13' Coming To Xbox 360

Uh Oh! Sony maybe in Trouble!

Quoted from G4TV.com
"At Microsoft's press conference today, it was announced that SquareEnix's Final Fantasy 13 will be coming to Xbox 360. This is just one of multiple games that were previously exclusive to Sony's consoles that are now coming to Miscrosoft's machine, and they weren't afraid to point that out after the announcement. Is Sony in trouble? Can they survive if many of their exclusive fanchises become cross-platform? We'll have to wait and see what they have instore for us at their press conference tomorrow."

Should I say, "Take that Sony!"? Or should I be crying now? It doesn't matter, obviously. From what I heard Japanese will be still getting their Final Fantasy 13 exclusive for PS3. Only 360 is getting the US version of Final Fantasy 13. I'm out!


k said...

i don't know anyone around me with an xbox. hehe. i want a ps3 soon!

SWATwolf said...

get 1 soon! :P :P

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