Monday, July 14, 2008

Acer X193W hates PS3

Zzz... Finally my Internet back to normal!


Gah! My internet is pretty screwed up the whole day yesterday! Still, remember what I have bought just a few days ago. Well, a Acer LCD Monitor, supposely to hook up my PS3 on the monitor and works. With DVI (HDCP), it should work wonderfully but end up partially compatible with my PS3. As you can see the picture above, the resolution is running on 960 x 720, which mean I lose 220 pixels on the right compare to the real resolution, 1280 x 720. No matter how I set it, it still end up to 960 x 720 but the monitor I bought can support up to 1440 x 900. It's a nice monitor but it end up doesnt fully compatible with my PS3. I'm waiting for DELL to ship me another 19" LCD monitor. That's all. I'm out. Thanks for viewing.


k said...

another monitor? how many do you have? ^^

SWATwolf said...

just one at the moment. LOL.
2nd one, which is dell coming soon.

17" CRT monitor KA-BOOMed :p

Agus Juanda said...

please help me
i cant run my ps3 on acer x193w monitor
while i hook up always appear input not support