Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E308: Nintendo Press Conference

Good Job Nintendo!

It's Reggie!

Alright, Nintendo had just ended their conference. So what do have here... Those who miss it, I will practically list out what Nintendo had announced for this year E3 2008. And of course not all included especially the marketing and strategics they explained.

So let's start with the Wii,
Introducing the Wii Motion Plus
  • An add-on for Wii Remote : Wii Motion Plus, which allow you to play the game more accurate than just the Wii Remote alone.A snowboarding Wii game that uterlize the Wii Balance Board.
Sword Battling between Boss and Employee!
  • Wii Sports : Resort, a new Wii Sports with new activities which fully utilize the Wii Motion Plus. Each Wii Sports : Resort will include a Wii Motion Plus and a extended silicone provided when the game is selling somewhere Spring 2009
  • Ubisoft's Shaun White Snowboarding which will be fully utilize the Wii Balance Board. The game will be released by the end of the year for the Wii, with a non-Balance-Board equipped versions coming to other systems.
  • Animal Crossing : City Folk will be out on Wii this Fall 2008. The new game feature will be one of the very 1st to be announced, Wii Speak which allows players from to talk to their friends anywhere in the world online! And the game will go as usual, real time.
  • Wii Music, which allow players to play the music instrument range of, drum, piano, sax, guitar and lots more! Other 4 players can join the bandwagon even you don't know how to play music games as it doesn't require to follow notes like other game does.
  • 3 Third Party Game was announced : 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', 'Rayman Raving Rabbits: TV Party' and 'Call Of Duty: World At War'.
And lastly for the Nintendo DS,
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, out due this Christmas.
  • Pokemon Ranger Season 2 out in November 10th.
  • Guitar Hero On Tour 2, a sequel for the DS and allow song sharing between the 1st's and the 2nd's Guitar Hero DS.
  • Spore Creature DS, which the monsters is exclusive designed differently from the console version for the Nintendo DS.

That's it for all. Overall, I'm kind of happy with what Nintendo offers with their new hardwares but a little dissapoint over lack of high anticipated games. And so this end my short updates on what Nintendo got to give to Wii and DS gamers. Thanks for viewing and see you!


hyperX said...

When you're talking about nintendo, you aren't going to talk about graphic. Serious, in new gen console, nintendo graphic is not acceptable for me although what their idea is fantastic. Can't wait for Sony and Microsoft Press Conference, I wonder what they'll do to compete (copy) with Nintendo.

SWATwolf said...

Hi, hyperx. 1st of all, thanks for the comment. Well, I kinda agree with you, graphics do not come 1st when it comes to wii, it comes with a gameplay 1st. which i wan my friend to enjoy the games with full of smiles not gaming seriously and toss off my PS controller.

lastly, i wouldnt say wii is in the same category with ps3 and 360. they are just to target different gamers. I love my wii, more than my any other consoles.