Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spawn: Weapon of Mass Destruction

The only haul I got...

If you think I have bought a lot of collectible toys back then in my short trip on Penang, guess what? I did not. Well... dad's working and I have no transport to go nowhere. Mostly, I'm just staying at my grandma's house and watch and cousins playing his PS2.

On the last day, on our way to the airport. I suggested my dad to drop me at Island Plaza go a glance and the toy shop there and I found this huge box of containing 3 Spawn. This box cost me a RM155 after after for discount. Pretty cheap if you ask me, roughly RM53 each after dividing into 3 individual prices.

Actually, being not able to post for a week already is because dad's back and he's using the TV as my previous post saying my monitor was busted and I have to stick the my TV. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you.


k said...

nice boxset! i'm waiting for wings of redemption 2. have you seen it? got some photos of it on my blog

SWATwolf said...

thanks for the comment!
and thanks for the info too! :D