Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!


Old Snake.

My Birthday was actually yesterday. Haha, got to distracted by Metal Gear Solid 4 until I forgot to blog about this! I bought myself a copy of Asia's MGS4 Limited Edition, though the freebies are as impressive as the US and Japan gives. And not to forget, a copy of Playstation Magazine.

Old Snake. Again...

The game is very impressive. I played a little bit and it's quite smooth for me even for a lousy FPS gamer like me. Yesterday night was 4 friends who I brought them to the Hartz Chicken Buffet for a birthday dinner. Thanks to Ajay, Intel, Mika and Swing for treating me!
That's all for now. I will try my best to take some shoot of the gameplay and some simple review. (I'm no good in reviewing) Thanks for viewing and see you!


k said...

woah!! cool! how is the game? I don't have a ps3... now i know why you have to slow down on spawn ^^. happy birthday! did you notice? your birthday was on friday the 13th!

SWATwolf said...

Thanks! And yeap, i knew bout the 13th. XD I make a simple n short review soon.

sonic_ver2 said...

Happy birthday dude!

SWATwolf said...

sonic: thanks alot! ^_^