Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Ancient Spawn?

I can't say I'm lucky enough to find a Medieval Spawn II at an affordable price and also locally! Despite this action figure are all now at high jacking price. The weapon, mask and the stand are what make this action figure looks really good.

Quote from,
"The Black Knight, known as Lord Covenant when he left to fight in the Crusades, has made a painful and gruesome return from the grave. Amidst his confusing return, he immediately unleashes his anger on Baron Rivalen's Captain of Arms, Guy DuBlanc, in revenge for injustices served upon the poor unfortunate peasants. Later, when the Black Knight returns to his crumbling castle, he is met by his time-honored mentor, Cogliostro."

The mask can be taken out and also be put back to the face. Though I actually prefer the face with the mask on. The Medieval Spawn II included a sword, some skulls and a chain for add up to the stand so it look more like spartan style. Yeah, I like the word spartan with lots of blood!

Woot, I need to start saving money already. Actually I still have a "SPAWN 3-PACK", which consist of "SPAWN Issue 95, SPAWN ISSUE 7 COVER ART and SPAWN Issue 131 COVER ART" coming soon. Once again, thank you for viewing my updates and I guess that's all for today. See you next update.

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