Thursday, May 1, 2008

Collectibles Haul for May

I'm a sucker for limited edition.

May Haul.

So enjoying yourself on Labor Day? Well so am I! Because once again I did a haul again. Notice something on the top right? Yes, it's the Wonderfest 08 Limited Edition Figma Konata Izumi! I'm can't be any happier to be one of the 5000 units owner!

Lookie who's here.

My Figma collection are expanding again. My Figma Yuki does come with a scarf but too bad it's in Pink color and I so wish for other color! The MG Gundam Wing Zero Custom belongs to one of my friends. Just in time when I went to collect my Figma, 2 box set of SD Gundam strike my eyes, which are "SD Strike Freedom Gundam VS SD Destiny Gundam" and "Gundam Char's Counter Attack".

Figma Konata and Yuki.

Hehe, I hope people don't feel envy towards me. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing. Happy Labor Day and have a nice day!


russ said...

envious towards ur izumi konata! wah i want one too ;_;

SWATwolf said...

LOL. if you want i can still find for you. but price will be very nice as well ^_^;;