Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Apple Donut & Coffee @ The Spring

1st Donut specialist store in Kuching

Slow blogger am I? All this photo was taken 2 days ago, which Big Apple was having their grand opening at The Spring last Friday. As you can see, Big Apple is having a special promotion for first 100 customers to get half a dozen for free, that's 6 donut for your information. But you must buy that day's Borneo Post to get the voucher promotion.

I went there about 10.30am with another friend of mine, Ajay, thanks to him for leaking me the information. And guess what? Tons of people are already queuing up already. When we reached there, 26 customer had already taken the promotion.

What is he thinking?

Ta-da! Cut queue!

Good this we have friend queuing up since 10am. We know we sound mean but when it's already 70th+ customers we just knew each person are not allowing to use 2 or more coupon at a time. So we have 4, 3 friends and one actually held 2 coupons. So cut queue is our only choice. Sorry 101th customer!

Felt like beating him up?


He is the 92th customers, while other friends of mine are 87th, 94th and 97th! So we get 24 donuts in the end! Free donut aka breakfast + lunch for us! I guess we queue up for like 2 and 1/2 hours there.

Alright, I kind of enjoy it. Well... part of it yes, and part of it no. I guess I'm too hungry already. Probably not the best donut in Malaysia but it's a good start for Kuching people to feel what it's like to have branded donut. Finally, thank you Big Apple for giving such a wonderful opportunity.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you guys some other time.


EMO said...

nice donuts. i feel lyke eating it too T^T

Food Cookies said... 1/2 dozen of doughnuts!!! I also mahu! @.@

SWATwolf said...

emo: it's cheap o. RM2.30 each and if u buy 1/2 dozen, it's RM12 and 1 dozen is RM22.

food cookies: Haha, no more liao lo... it's not expensive o.. :D

sonic_ver2 said...

Hey, that Big Apples reminded me of J.Co.

That's one heck of a queue just for some donuts.

SWATwolf said...

we msia ppl love FREE STUFF

XD Hahaha.