Saturday, April 5, 2008

I came accross special cosplayers...

Cosplay doesn't mean it's from an anime la...

Taken by my colleague's phone camera.

As you guys knew I'm now working at Boulevard IT Superstore at the Spring, I came across some people wearing some costume that they aren't suppose to wear daily today. So, I call them a cosplayer. I'm not so sure what are their suppose of having a walk here in the Spring. My colleague asked to take photo and they did take one together. Unfortunately, they use their own camera to do so. After that, they gave my colleague a fortune cookie.

The purple fortune cookie.

My colleague ate the fortune cookie. I guess cookie isn't much of delicious. Haha. How tasty can a normal fortune cookie is? After eating the fortune cookie, there's a small slip of paper, which is something like this, "Life is about given as a gift". Not to sure, I have bad memory. It is a lovely holic message.


That's all for now. Oh, by the way, I will be working until 8th April as my last day. Thanks for reading. See you!


cbjkelvin said...

I remember last time i heard this from someone. "Cosplay, doesn't always mean you have to wear just like the character. Speech and acting also are very important. Act like them is more difficult than look like them."

SWATwolf said...

yup, that's right.
Cosplay means costume play, meaning anything u can play as.


alice said...

yes, this cosplay is great also.

and if you wanan get some useful resources about cosplay you'd better check this blog cosplay classes. :)

SWATwolf said...

alice, thanks for the comment and the link, im sure my friends will like it! ^o^