Monday, April 14, 2008

Best Mario Game Is Here!!!

Superrrrr Mariiiyooo Gayyylexxyyyy!

Disc channel with Super Mario Galaxy.

One of the best game in 2007 had just arrived in my house, thanks to the lousy service of my local post office that makes me wait two months for this game. Moreover, I still have a Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the way here.

My Wii channel.

This game everything you wish for since the Super Mario 64 and unfortunately not the Super Mario Sunshine. Basically, what you will be doing in Super Mario Galaxy are chasing rabbits, getting a hardcore score of 120 stars instead of 60 stars which will get you to the end of story anyway. Not to forget, save Princess Peach and also new pretty lady, Roselina. I was thinking, why not leave Princess Peach and stay with Roselina. Haha.

In game screen.

The graphics are spectacular! Playing this game at the beginning might get you feel a little dizzy due to the planet flying around and end up upside down. On the downside, it's a little too easy for the old time gamers as I managed to get 60 stars by just spending 7 hours on the game. Let's move on to the controls, it's very easy to master the controls. To spin, just shake your wiimote. Taking the starbits is so easy that you just get your wiimote and aim at it. This game allow a 2nd player to join in, they can help you take down enemies by slowing em down. Not to mention, 2nd player can help you collect starbits too.
Lastly, the music is beautiful. I love every bit of the music, there are re-master music for old time gamers and basically the whole collection of Super Mario Galaxy's music are re-master and orchestra.

The art box.

That's all for now. For those Wii owners who are still wondering whether to get this title or not. I say just go for it. There is definitely no regrets for me to get this title. Okay, I'm off. Thanks for reading and see you.

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