Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Commando Spawn II Review

My 1st Spawn Figure.

I always wanted a Spawn figure when I was young and now I have one. Despite the condition is a "Back in Box", I wouldn't care that much since figures in clamshell packaging are not really nice. Also, I notice Spawn figure are easy to take good care off. Dust are not the main factor as they are meant to be dirty and mean.

Quoted from Spawn.com
"Armed to the teeth with rockets literally strapped to his forearms, this figure complements the original with its new design. 6 3/4 inches tall with base. Articulated at neck, shoulders, biceps, wrists and calves. Package includes rifle, pistol, rocket launcher, heavy machine gun and base."

Im very satisfy with this figure. I found that Mcfarlane had better figures back in the days when Spawn are very famous. Now the latest series, quality is getting no good and release Spawn figure is slow too. But still, looking forward to own more of Mcfarlance's figure.
Ah, that's all for now. Just a really short update and review for my blog. Thanks for reading guys and see you.

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