Friday, January 11, 2008

The Spring @ Kuching

The Spring Spree...

The Spring.

It was 10th January and we had a plan to park at the car at Swinburne and walk our way to the Spring. Clever eh? Avoiding the massive parking madness! Here's a look how the Spring if in case some of you never been into yet.

Booth Babe anyone?

Who said Transformer Movie toy line is cool down? Parents, teenager and some shop owner still grabbing boxes of Transformers like no tomorrow! Well, I was lucky because there's a staff putting a Deluxe Jazz back to the place where all the Transformers toys is. I just grab from her and it's mine! Btw, all this happened in Parkson @ The Spring.

Peoples standing there to wait for some stupid kid to put the goodies back.

What the result? This.

What's a shopping mall without an entertainment to enjoy? Well, currently there isn't any yet. But there's one Apple Authorize Seller shop, I was able to try out the Ipod Touch! It's real good but I find the video is only OK.


We were planning to go to the Food Bazaar and have some food but there isn't any hardly place for us to sit at! Not even sharing tables. Well, we are having a 7 people group, so sharing table aren't a very good idea. So we went to some other place to have lunch and after that trashing my house with some Wii goodness.

Some others well known shops available in The Spring are:
- Starbucks
- Secret Recipe
- Quiksilver
- Roxy
- Sushi King
- Kenny Rogers
- etc.

The Food Bazaar.

Overall, the Spring does let us have a feeling like as if we were in the Mid Valley. Just a little shorter and less wider. So what are you waiting for? Go visit The Spring! Thanks to Serene for her camera or if not there wouldn't be these photos. For her reward, she get to use my taken photos. Thanks for reading and see you!


Prim3 said...

ya.. the Spring is great.. sure cant compare with KL shopping malls.. but it's a good start for Kuchingites.. waiting for the cinema to open :D

SWATwolf said...

haha yeah.
cant wait for the cinema too.
and hopefully an arcade center!


brianology said...

i wonder if the new cinema is GSC... but screw midvalley. these 2 malls are must-go: The Gardens at Midvalley, and Pavilion KL. These two malls beat the crap out of all the malls in Malaysia including Suria KLCC and 1Utama.

t0mMy~ said...

i still prefer spring than midvalley-KL ;D