Monday, January 14, 2008

More "Phantom" Hourglass for me?

Play-Asia you NO GOOD toy seller!

Are my eye deceiving me?

When Play-Asia was selling this set of gashapon, I couldn't help it but to buy 5 pieces down. Due to my absolute experience of buying sets of gashapon on Play-Asia, I always gotten a full set. But hell... this time Play-Asia had given me such a great deal. What are they? 4 Phantoms and 1 Linebeck. Heck! Luckily, XL-shop are selling this full set and I grab it up immediately.

The Full Set.

Nonetheless, it is kinda fun to have 5 Phantoms to hang around with me, except for the NO GOOD Linebeck. I say this set of gashapon from Yujin is quite well done, especially well done with the stand which they are never good at. One flaw, the accesorries cannot be attached to the stand. So, be careful and don't let them drop off for good!

Link. Not Zelda! Silly!

Link: WTF? I thought there were only 3?!

From left to right: Tetra, Linebeck, Goron and Phantom.

That's all for now. I'm sad and sorry to announce that both Play-Asia and XL-shop are out of stock for this set of gashapon. And also, my apologies for posting this up late. The only way you can get this for now is Ebay. So good luck! Thank for reading and see you!


486DX2 said...

Which figure did the Triforce pieces come with? The phantoms?

Prim3 said...

That's too bad.. If not mistaken, PA don't guarantee you will get all the gashapons even if you order a lot.. Depend on luck I guess.. :)

SWATwolf said...

486dx2: yes.

prim3: haha, they must hav worker for this gashapon session. meh~