Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New House

So where am I?

Atarashi uchi.

Well... where am I for the pass few days? Pulau Penang! I'm back to Penang for 2 weeks to deal with my dad's new house, which is still under progressing. The house is located around 1 hour from Butterworth. Can't show you guys much inside of the house yet. Outside, CAN?

There is a playground and so is a kindergarden too. About 2 mins drive, there are shop lots outside and every monday there is a "Pasar Malam". Pretty cool eh? Talk about food! Yummy!

I'm currently now at my grandma's house. Thank goodness they finally have internet access at their home. I guess that all for now. Will update for next time for all my trip in Penang, ah well... there's nothing much new for me as it's like same for me as I'm a Penangite after all. Thanks for reading and see ya!


nerdrazor said...

An hour from Butterworth? Remind me to drop by.

Prim3 said...

Nice big house! :D

You're actually from Penang? Now only I know.. hehe..

Added you to my blogroll :)

SWATwolf said...

nerdrazor: yeah, sure.

prim3: hu hu. thanks alot. I'm adding urs to mine too ;)