Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you bid FISH?

So called "Ebay" Pasar!

Which way do you wanna choose?

The Fisherman's Boat.

It's one of the kind, where you bid fish in market early in the morning. I LOL'd at my uncle when he told me that buying fish there require to bid, I thought it was a joke. But it's real. It's about 30 mins drive to Penaga, if you don't get lost on the way there.


On their way to "ebay" market.

People gaze at the still living and jumping fish.

So how do you bid for the fish. Simple. Shout the price out? No no. It isn't like that. What you need to do is whisper to the fishmonger and the customer who got attention to the price that stat by the costumers win the fish home and eat!

Dah lah... Just bring in the fish already whisper here there.

This is how you bid. LOL.

The thing about this fish bidding is very interesting. Futhermore, the market does not stink at all. No like those normal market u go every morning. The fish here are all just been capture back from the sea. The fish are almost all 100% fresh which makes no stinky smell. Kudos for that!

My uncle and aunt got some fish HAUL there.

That's it about now. So aunty and uncle wanna buy fresh fish can come here and bid some fresh fish home. Bidding and satisfactory price range is RM70 and above. Quite expensive eh? I called it rich people market. Ok, thanks for reading and see you!

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