Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boulevard @ Kuching

OMG, It's "big"!!!

Featuring Mat Rempit!

My 1st impression was big. Why? Because phase 2 is not yet build so seeing this building is that big already. So roughly what do we have inside this big building of Boulevard Shopping Complex.

Shy Couple.

Surprisingly, there's nothing inside the shopping complex yet. Boulevard had already taken more than half of the building. What do they sell? Clothes for men, lady and children, stationary and... pirated toys. Urgh... Anyways, as far as I know. These few restaurant had made into Boulevard, which is, KFC, Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers, Sushi King and another I can't seem to remember.

Nothing much inside yet.

The way to enter Boulevard.

There is another supermarket at the lower ground which i find the stuff there are kind of expensive for some item compare to others. Overall, it was kind of disappointing seeing only half of the shopping complex is done yet they make it like it's done. Oh did I mention this?

You need to walk up to the shopping center if you aren't driving.

That's all for now. I sure do hope Boulevard can do much much better when the phase 2 is done building up. The Spring is opening on 10th January. I will do a visit as it's really near to my current university. Thanks for reading and see you!


Hangmen said...

What can I say? HUEG SHOPPING MALL IS HUEG! We're also getting a hueg shopping mall here in Sabah, which is expected to be completed on late 2009.

mr-penman said...

ya! we gonna have huge shopping mall!


OMG! Hangmen is everywhere...


SWATwolf said...

lol, he hanging around XD