Sunday, December 9, 2007

Australia National Park & O'Reilly's

Nature calls... I hate.

I hate it actually... I mean it.

It's the 4th day of my trip, destination was Gold Coast. I woke up early and parents said we are going to some natural visit. Oh crap... Anyways, it was an OK trip and I saw groups of Japanese visit the nature. "Shimatta!" 1st stop is the... National Park.

Destination reached.

Tree with hole inside.

A 300m walk to the view.

Grape vineyard. Stop by to buy some wine.

Next stop which is the last too, is the Bird Park called O'Reilly. It took us about an hour drive from our 1st destination.

Winter Sonata Australia Version?!


Kinda hurt a bit. The claw ish sharp.

Sister got attacked!

So is my mum...

I thought there isn't anymore forest walking but who know... that O'Reilly Bird Park have a Forest Walk lies somewhere and I was lead to there. Well... at least the path is well done with wooden bridge.

Group Photo.

Imma a Jun-gah Man!

Gundam appear in forest?

After 30 minutes walk. Lunch time! But the kitchen was closed, so we had tea time instead. After that, it's time for us to head back to Brisbane and have dinner with John's family. Will update right away! Thanks for reading!


hellkaizer_ryo said...

lol....atttack of the avians.....

xvrox said...

Wow~~ Gundam sure made it far. XDDDDDD

hehe, would love to chat with u soon. heheh~