Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pizza and Pasta for Dinner

I love Pizza and Pastas...

Having Dinner with both mine and John's Parents.

It was roughly 5.30pm when we reached Brisbane and we have some shopping before we gone for our dinner meet up about 7pm. So what we have here?

Pasta sauce and kinds of spaghetti.

Fresh Salad and Pizza which I forgotten to take with.

Photo's of Tina, Majella and Josh. They don't like to be taken by photos. So this is kinda rare.

Before going back home, John brought us to a street where they had this Xmas competition of who decorate their home with light in most creative. And boy, the whole street is full of LEDs! I only took the photo of the street enterance. There's still many more inside there!


That's all for now. I'll be sitting in a car to Sydney in about 5 hours time. The trip is estimated to be 12 hours car ride. Urgh, I can feel pain in the butt. Will be going to Sydney for about 6 days, so no update from me this few days. Till then, thanks for reading and see you!


5thLuna said...

looks lovely dinnerand beautiful street ^^
enjoy nice trip.

and my SD ZAKUIII has finish yesterday.
please take a visit


Ryu Shikimori said...

Haha...enjoying ur stay at Australia hoh....don forget to bring back

Currently playing Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles....waiting for ur return and "zapper" the zombies...


SWATwolf said...

5thluna: cool and thanks! will take a look.

ryu and SAMS: sorry la guys, no souvenir for u guys. :P