Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dreamworld @ Gold Coast


So many world in ONE!

Drove to Gold Coast this time to visit some place again. This time, sadly, not Movieworld but Dreamworld. My favourite with the most thrill ride ever in Gold Coast! Alrighty, pictures rolls and ACTION!

GPS is gladly to help you with some programming that will crack your head.

This is Dreamworld but weather doesn't look good.

Rain for a while, but it's sunny after that!

Our 1st Ride! Known as the tallest and fastest ride in the world.

which is... Tower of Terror (ToT).

Photo of ToT bought.

After the ride, we went to see some Tiger show. (Nice whisker)

Now who said Anthro doesn't existed?!

Next! The Giant Drop. How tall it is?

39 storey of a building. Woot! and no warning when it's gonna drop when you're on the top. It's random.

Fact for you to read. The tallest free ride in the World.

Sister and I had this Moto M Coaster. My 1st try as it's new. I look so different w/o glasses.

Fries on vending machine? AUD5 by the way.

Not to forget, the good Wipeout ride. I had some good laugh there while it spin us almost all direction, even split the row into half.

Time to get wet before we head back to motel.

Just to give you some rough idea how high the Tower is. That tower consist of two ride, ToT and The Giant Drop.

The Dreamworld Enterance.

My dinner. It was late and restaurant is almost closed. Got this pizza cheap for AUD5 each, for Australian is cheap at least. -_-||

That's all for my update. Probably my update would be all pictures and description until I'm back to Malaysia. More updates will be done roughly later in the morning or afternoon. Till then, thanks for viewing and see you.


nerdrazor said...

Jesus Christ it's a tiger! Get in the ... roller coaster?

SWATwolf said...

omg, do not want. D:

hellkaizer_ryo said...

lol.......Fly Me To The Moon........ ( From EVA)