Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got my "Driving License"!

RM18 is your gateway to be a DK!

Woohoo, boy am I happy again to see Kuching's arcade is kicking alive again! Well... actually, the arcade is somehow been taken over by some Penang arcade or the Sunway Pyramid which are under same company and also which I cant recall. Why? Well... the token changed, 1 side with dragon and another side with C.Y.C wording. 1 token is sold for RM1 each. Heck! I'm going back to Penang to change 2 tokens for RM1! If I'm going back... Following pictures taken by my dearest VGA phone camera.

Half covered notice.

Today, as usual, I went to school, sitting in the open lab and do some surfing. Until... one of my friend came in and told me Hock Lee Center's arcade have Initial D Arcade Stage 4 (ID4) and House of the Dead 4 (HOD4)! I was shocked, and I keep asking my friend did he see thing wrongly. After some confirmation, I rush to the shopping mall! I know this is kind of old news to West Malaysian already. Well... I finished HOD4 in KL last year, so that game wont bother me much anymore. It's ID 4 I'm talking about!

The machine!

Customizing car.

I would like to say that ID4 is so much easier compare to ID3. Due to the new system and new way of driving, the drifting part had become more sensitive compare to ID3. The steering is more like the Akina Snow in ID3. I got used to the controlling just after I played around 3 to 4 rounds. The graphic is astonishing, definitely a high end arcade and not to mention, wide screen. For the crashing sound, it's quite annoying but should get used to it in a few rounds later. The music, still the same, sometime I can hardly hear the music and this time there's no song choosing, or I cant find the song selection. Lastly, customization, Sega is really clever this time, customize your avatar randomly which today I get to rotate once and I get a fugly down slope eye and I didn't update my avatar. The car customization is roughly the same as the old ID3 but this time you which to upgrade 1st and each part have their own level.

Match with my friend.

Overall, I'm very happy. And tomorrow I will be still heading down to the arcade center to blast even more challenging stages. Today, I pass all 1st 3 course with a breeze. Haha, must be gotten used to it already. Till then, thanks for reading. See ya.


Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

When you get to Akina, Iro and Tsukuba, remember to tell me how hard it was XD

SWATwolf said...

okay, sure... LOL

russ said...

dude u play idas4 too?! omg cool! i play too...just getting into stage 4 as well ehhe *thumbs up

SWATwolf said...

Woo... nice beat on the Takumi!
I got same Win with you =P