Friday, November 30, 2007

May both of my friends rest in peace.

Such destiny...

From left in white square (Ah Sien and Ah Hao)

Accidently happened 2 days ago, which was Wednesday and I just heard what happen 8 friends of mine who went to Lundu, where nearby there's a beach to play. Thing happened when tide hit them twice and 2 of my friends were found missing until today, they are all found but it was too late... More news coverage here.

During my secondary school time, Ah Sien usually tease me around in school. But we are still a good friend. I remember during my foundation year. During ever early morning for our math class tuition, Aaron, Ah Sien and me will escape (partly) to King Center and have breakfast until don't want to come back to class. We do sometime to cyber cafe and play some CS.

While for Ah Hao, I knew just about a year ago. He's a very friendly person, I can get very well along with him. He always make jokes that make us laugh. He's also a very bright person. It's sad that I cannot know him deeper any longer. The last time we hang out together was also a match of CS on a cyber cafe.

Please appreciate your friend while they are still around. Once they are gone, they will never come back. May Ah Hao and Ah Sien rest in peace. I feel really sad now losing 2 of my good friends. Sometime, we have to face the truth.

Once again, thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

I feel you buddy.

May God rest their souls.

SWATwolf said...

thanks you.