Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 長門有希 = ???

3 Layer Yuki-Peng Kau Please!

So last 2 weeks, Hooby Search had been offering 1/8 Nagato Yuki by Max Factory for a very cheap price and "I" purchased 3 Yuki(s) down. But "I" gone through a lot of problem, such as bank problems, cargo had been stopped by the so called, "Government Kastam". But, finally on the day of Monday, "I" owned 3 Yuki(s)! Boy am "I" a lucky baskert.

Okay la... 2 of my friends and me ordered the triple Yuki(s), but anyways, we just wanna feel how's it's like to hold 3 Yuki(s) on our hand.

Anonymous and SAMS Pres on the loose!

Plastic King. Nuff said.

Anonymous again! Something is different...

Anonymous? Who's that?

Respective owner of the 3 Yuki(s)

Super short update from me. Close photo shoot of Yuki will be up sometime in the future! Haha, till then, see ya and thanks for reading!


Danny said...

OMG!! How could I missed that?

And it's one of the better looking yuki model too.....

SWATwolf said...

One of my friend is letting go off his Yuki... Hahaha, not sure how much he wanted to offer.

Btw, yeah~ This is one best Yuki Figurine around. :P

mr-penman said...

Anonymous my a$$... that's you!



SWATwolf said...

D: i dun do a$$! XD